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Struggling with Bereavement and loss or unresolved grief.


Feeling anxious, irritated or angry.


A feeling of unease or out of sorts but you’re not sure what to do about it.


Feeling depressed, sad and low.


Dealing with the upheaval of life that comes with being diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment.


Feel like you are lacking in confidence or have low self-esteem.


Fed up and wondering why you always make the same mistakes.


Lack of meaning or purpose in life.


You feel like you are an impostor and that someone is going to find you out.


Overthinking things.


Wanting to be more self-aware but not knowing how to go about it.




I am an established, qualified therapeutic counsellor and offer the following counselling options...

Outdoor Eco Therapy




I draw on my life experiences, training and counselling skills to help you to overcome life‘s difficulties and challenges and to bring about change to your life.


The first part of my journey to where I am now was growing up in an environment full of difference and diversity and then, after spending a lot of years within the legal profession and helping others, I moved to France. It was during my time in France that I became poorly and looked for ways to get well.


My journey to being well is what led me to become a mindful practitioner but I wanted to broaden my skills and so I trained as a therapeutic counsellor, gaining additional certificates in counselling theory, anger management counselling and counselling for depression.


I now live and work in Newquay where I am a Counsellor and Mindful Practitioner in private practice.

I have certificates for many types of complementary training which include...

Person Centred Art Counsellor

ASIST Suicide Prevention 

Focusing – level 5

Rewind Therapy 

Working with shame, guilt and anger

Existential crisis

Neuroscience - understanding the nervous system and how it is linked to anxiety and depression

Mind & body therapy

Pain Management

Tools and strategies to help relationships

Creative Mindful Wellbeing Coach


I have also trained as a bereavement support worker (including infant loss) and I am able to help others cope with many different types of loss and grief.


I have personally recovered from CFS and maintain Fibromyalgia as well as being a Cancer Warrior. 


I participate in my own self-care plan which also includes counselling.

Choosing a counsellor is an important and significant decision. Choosing one that is appropriately qualified and registered is important but, what is equally as important is that you feel comfortable enough to talk about meaningful and difficult feelings and situations.

And so, that is a little about me, and if you want to know any more then just ask!

If so, I work with people just like you...

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