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Create your Dream Life


Workshop 1

Introduction to dream work.  

This is, as it sounds, an introduction to dream work, which also includes how to create a journal and capture your dreams together with exercises to help you remember your dreams by improving your memory.  There is also some information relating to research and stages of sleep as well as types of dreams.  

Workshop 2

Dreamwork and the

Person Centered Counsellor

This is a short workshop aimed at those wanting to enhance the therapeutic relationship by incorporating their client's dreams into the therapy session.    It is for small groups of 4/5 however it can be adapted for the individual.  

Workshop 3

Vision Boards 

This workshop goes further than just creating a vision board representing your goals, it asks you to think more deeply about your visions and intentions for yourself and encourages you to explore ways in which you to can manifest them into creating the life you want for yourself.

Workshop 4

Self Development - Becoming You

The aim of this course is to discover more about you. It introduces ways of looking at and developing your self awareness  by discovering some of your values, beliefs and principles, exploring your character type, looking at your relationship attachments, exploring your hopes and dreams and includes taking away some tools for life.

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