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Support That Makes a Difference


Online counselling is becoming more and more popular due to its accessability and recent research into its effectiveness with studies showing positive effects.

Online face-to-face therapy is an easily accessible and effective way of having the opportunity to look at difficult and often deep issues. It is convenient and flexible by providing availability throughout the day with sessions accessible from where ever you are – providing you have Internet access. By providing this service it creates availability for those who have limited mobility or live remotely and are unable to travel to a therapy room. It can also provide anonymity when living in a small community and can be a good option for expats or those who feel uncomfortable or stigmatised by receiving therapy.

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So whether you are an Expat living in Spain, someone with a disability living in Cornwall, a busy mother living in Hertfordshire or a farmer living remotely, providing you have internet access, you can get in touch today and start taking control of your life with on line counselling.


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