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Did you know that not only am I a creative counsellor but that I’m also qualified as a person centred creative arts practitioner. No! Well, I am, and I love working in such a powerful way. I love being able to offer you “out of the box” sessions tailored to your needs.

We can use creativity in the online counselling room in all sorts of different ways depending on your individual needs. It’s an amazing approach which helps, you, the client to make sense of thoughts, feelings and experiences when sometimes words alone are not enough.

It’s a practice that’s free from judgement, assessment or external valuation and that means that just being able to make a mark on the paper is more than enough. That single mark can tell you so much… with a little help from me, of course!

The theory stuff is that the Person centred creative arts practice (PCCA) was founded by Liesl Silverstone and is the use of the person centred approach of non-interpretation and non directivity combined with art therapy skills.

We are all creative and creativity emerges when a person steps out of their left analytical brain and connects with the right side of their brain and both sides work together.

This working creative lark isn’t only linked to paper and art materials but also to other creative expressions such as dance, cooking, movement, poetry, sound and drama.

I also love how I’ve been able to link my experience as a Focuser and Mindful Practitioner to creativity too! It’s a fantastic way to explore the mind, body spirit link! I can help you to tune inwards, regulate emotions and become aware of the subtle ways that you experience life. This offers a deeper connection to your thoughts, emotions and physical body in a way that is grounding and safe. We can also explore the use of meditation, visualisation and relaxation techniques.

I can also offer other creative ways in which we can work and we can do these activities online! We can work with symbols, stories, characters and colour or use an assortment of cards and sometimes photographs.

We can use all of the above methods to help with anxiety, self-esteem, anger and all sorts of other mental health issues as well as life difficulties and challenges. It’s an opportunity to share your story, identify patterns, see roles in relationships and heighten your own self-awareness. Personally I have found it an invaluable tool to help myself.

So if you want help with life’s challenges and difficulties or to get to the bottom of something then why not give working creatively with me a go. You don’t have to be an artist or have lots of art materials (pens/pencils andsome paper will do). Don’t worry, I will help you each step of the way.

You don’t need to struggle alone!

To make an appointment or to schedule your free introductory chat send a text or call me on 074787 54839.

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