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  • Julie Kuhn

Loss is so much more than Death and Dying!

Loss is so much more than dying and I don't mean losing your keys. Although there is something in that! Anyway, on with the blog... Loss is everywhere around us creating grief in all its forms, wreaking havoc, distress and challenging our thoughts and feelings.

Let me give you some examples of loss. During my ninth year I lost and lost and lost. The first thing I lost was my pet companion and then I lost the home that I was used to living in and with that came the loss of my friends that I played with after school. Next I lost my dad due to my parents break up which then meant that I lost my mum to her job (so that we could survive) and with that also cam the loss of routine which was the only one I knew. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that I lost school friends too who were told not to play with me because my parents had separated!

Do you get what I mean? Loss and grief is everywhere and those feelings of abandonment, anger, guilt, betrayal, loneliness, depression and anxiety are not exclusively for death and dying. I’ll just add some other types of loss and include losing a limb and having to adjust to a whole new life without it, losing your job or retiring and again adjusting to a completely different way of life and finding a new normality. Don’t forget there is also grieving for the loss of a ‘normal’ mother or father because yours were either too drunk or not there to be ‘normal’. Then there is being a teacher when you have finished your first school year and lose that first class. I bet they were memorable! But you had to learn to adjust to the loss of that class and move on to the next one but sometimes its not that simple when they were an extra special group or you became overly involved/attached and you experience all those feelings that come with grief and loss and those feelings can be soooooo heavy to deal with. So let’s have a look at some antonyms. I quite like that word as it sounds like something unusual might be happening. Firstly, an antonym is actually only a word type which has the opposite meaning to another. So, in reality I suppose we are just looking at words which are the opposite of loss and we have, benefit, help, improvement, accomplishment, achievement, building, development, and quite handily, for me and you, these opposite words link to some of the benefits of counselling.

So perhaps its time to help yourself to feel some of the benefits of counselling such as those mentioned above and also feeling less alone, feeling less stressed, feeling heard and listened to, feeling more energised, feeling a sense of relief and finding a better level of communication and a heightened sense of self-awareness. If so, then give me a call and we can organise a telephone assessment to decide whether counselling is for you.

You can contact me on 07478754839 or send me an email to Don’t lose my details!! 😁

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